Albert Camus and Football

Albert Camus and Football

June 26, 2021 Off By Felso

One of the subjects mentioned and frequently referred to with Camus is goalkeeping. He was a youth team goalkeeper at the University of Algiers for a while, and according to match reports, he is a brave goalkeeper who plays with passion.

When his friend Charles Poncet was once asked whether he would prefer “theatre or football”, he replied, “Football without hesitation.” He had to quit football when he caught tuberculosis. When asked to write an article about football for a sports magazine in the 1950s, he said:

“Whatever I know about morality and human obligations, I owe to football.”

Camus says that religious and political people try to confuse us with complex moral systems so that things that are actually simple seem more complicated than they are. People might be better off looking to the simple morality of football rather than the domain of politicians and philosophers.