Chronology of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Chronology of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

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1844 October 15: Nietzsche was born in Röcken, a Prussian village in Saxony, southwest of Leipzig, to a priest named Karl Ludwig Nietzsche.

1849 July 30: The death of his father.

1858: He enrolls in Schulpforta, Germany’s leading Protestant boarding school, near Naumburg.

1864 October: Enrolls in Bonn University as a theology and philology student.

1865 October: Nietzsche goes to Leipzig after his philology teacher F.W.Ritschl in Bonn and continues his education there. He finds a book by Schopenhauer in an old bookstore in Leipzig and announces to his friends that he is now a “Schopenhauerian”.

1868 November 8: Nietzsche’s first meeting with Richard Wagner in Leipzig.

1869 February: Nietzsche, who has not yet completed his doctorate, is appointed as a lecturer at a young age to the classical philology department of the University of Basel, upon Ritschl’s recommendation.

May 17: Nietzsche’s first visit to Wagner and Cosima in Tribschen.

May 28: He gives an opening speech on “Homer and classical philology” at the University of Basel.

1870 August: Nietzsche takes leave from the university due to the Franco-German war and goes to the front as a volunteer medic. But due to the deterioration of his health, he returns to Basel two months later.

1871 January: The application he made to the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Basel was rejected. He leaves the Swiss Alps heartbroken and becomes increasingly dissatisfied with his profession as a classical philologist, turning to philosophy. After this year, Nietzsche constantly struggles with his deteriorating health.

1872 January: The first book “Die Geburt der Tragödie aus dem Geiste der Musik” (The Birth of Tragedy from the Spirit of Music) is published.

February – March: It gives public seminars on “the future of our educational institutions” in Basel.

May 22: Nietzsche accompanies the composer on Wagner’s 59th birthday, who went to Bayreuth for the Bayreuth Theatre’s groundbreaking ceremony.

1876 ​​August: I. Bayreuth festival. His friendship with Wagner is marred.

September: Leaves Bayreuth with Paul Ree.

October: The University of Basel gives Nietzsche a one-year sick leave on the grounds that he is ill.

1878: The first chapter of “Menschliches, Allzumenschliches” (human, all too human) is dedicated to Voltaire.

January 3: Wagner sends Nietzsche a copy of his newly published work, Parsifal.

May: Nietzsche sends Wagner a copy of his work, “Humanly Very Human: A Book for Free Spirits” with his last letter. Completely breaks with Wagner.

1879: The Humane, the Very Humane, Volume Two, Part One: Assorted Opinions and Maxims. Nietzsche is forced to resign from his chair in Basel, citing ill health. For the next ten years, he will live as a solitary traveler living in hotel rooms and hostels.

1880: Human, very human, volume two, part two: The Traveler and his Shadow.

1881: Dawn red. Reflections on the prejudices of morality. He spends his first summer in Sils Maria.

1882: Celebrity science (also known as joyful wisdom or La Gaia Scienza) In aphorism 125, a madman declares that God is dead.

March: Paul Ree leaves Nietzsche in Genoa to go to Rome. Ree meets Lou Salome in Rome and falls in love with her.

April: Nietzsche goes to Rome and meets Lou Salome. Nietzsche proposes to Salome a few days later, first through Ree and then personally. Although his offer is turned down, he is content with the intellectual “menage a trois” commitment between Ree and Salome. At the end of the year, Nietzsche breaks away from Ree and Salome and feels betrayed by the two.

1883: Thus Spoke Zarathustra : He writes the first and second books of his work called a book for everyone and no one.

February 13: Wagner’s death, 1884, writes the third part of Zoroaster in Nice.

1885: Publishes the fourth and last part of Zarathustra in limited edition and on its own.

1886: Beyond Good and Evil. A prelude to the philosophy of the future.

1887: The French edition of Notes from the Underground falls into his hands by chance, and thus he discovers Dostoyevsky.

November 10: On the genealogy of morals: A polemic.

1888 May – August: The Wagner incident; He finishes the Dionysos Dithyrambos (published in 1891).

September: Antichrist (published in 1894).

October – November: Writes Ecce Homo (publishment of the book is postponed until 1908 by Elisabeth Förster Nietzsche).

December: Nietzsche v. Wagner (published in 1895).

1889: The Twilight of the Idols (Original title: The idleness of a psychologist).

January 3: Nietzsche has a nervous breakdown in Turin’s Piazza Carlo and cries while hugging the neck of an old horse whipped by its owner.

January 18: He is taken to the psychiatry clinic at the University of Jena. Doctors diagnose “deafness”. He was even heard at the clinic saying “my wife Cosima brought me here”. Cosima is the wife of the deceased Wagner.

1890: Nietzsche’s mother takes her son and brings him to her home in Naumburg to be looked after.

1897 20 April: Death of his mother. Naum, taking his sister Nietzsche with him