Content and Form Relationship

Content and Form Relationship

July 1, 2021 Off By Felso

It is the two inseparable aspects of objective reality that determine its development. Content is all of the elements and processes that make up an object or phenomenon. Form, on the other hand, is the organic structure of the object or phenomenon that provides its external appearance. There is no content without form and no form without content. These two are a contradictory unity.

Science moves from form to content. Form and content interact, affect and form each other in the evolution process. However, form is the product of content, and therefore the main determinant is content. But the form also affects the content, accelerating or hindering its development. They are a contradictory unity, because the form moves more slowly than the content, so it can’t keep up with the pace of contextual development and becomes obsolete, rather than its developer. This contradiction is overcome by a new format change appropriate to the context. So the content always creates a form suitable for it. In the same way, various ingredients can develop (for example, yams with potatoes) and the same ingredient can develop in various forms (for example, taupe melon and Kırkağaç melon).

Metaphysics and idealistic philosophy, on the contrary of dialectical materialist philosophy, consider the form the main determinant and therefore fall into many mistakes. The founder of this understanding is Aristotle. Aristotle regarded form as an independent being and claimed that it determined matter. This distorted and erroneous understanding has come to the point of today’s neorealism and neo-Tomaism, especially with Christian philosophy. However, form is not something that exists outside the content, but a product and part of the content.

To regard form as the primary determinant, as metaphysicians and idealists do, is to argue that the car shape increases the speed of the car, denying that because the car’s speed increases, a new form suitable for that speed is required, the absurdity of this forward driving is obvious (the car shape also increases or decreases the speed of the car, form also affects the content, accelerating or inhibiting its development. N.).