Distinguishing Characteristics and Basic Characteristics of 20th Century Philosophy

Distinguishing Characteristics and Basic Characteristics of 20th Century Philosophy

December 25, 2019 0 By Felso

Basic Characteristics of 20th Century Philosophy

– It is the period in which new explanations are brought to the problems of philosophy.

– The period of specialization in philosophy.

– The period in which philosophy gained new methods.

– The period deepened in the fields of philosophy.

– The period in which new main currents emerged in philosophy.

– Symbolic logic is the period in which studies are concentrated.

– It is the period in which linguistic analyzes are conducted, the relations between language and thought are examined and language theories are developed.

– It is the period when the field of philosophy of science was established as a result of studies on science.

– It is the period in which the history of philosophy has published the most and the number of publications has increased.

– It is the period in which philosophy is made all over the world through universities.

20th century philosophy; In addition to being a period in which metaphysical debates are felt, what is the truth, how it will be known, and also ideas about changes in the social and economic level such as world wars are formed.

The philosophy of the 20th century, which is a contemporary philosophy and not under the domination of a particular geography, has become systematic over time and is made in various parts of the world.

When we look at the historical course of the 19th century, it is seen that the progress of science brought new studies in many fields, revealing the idea of ​​areas of expertise in science, and that some science fields previously gathered under the philosophy of nature were separated from philosophy and turned into independent discipline. These developments in science have led philosophers to emphasize knowledge and question science. This orientation also led to the theorization of philosophy. Specializations in philosophy have started and in-depth studies have been carried out in various fields. Towards the end of the 20th century, the philosopher who worked outside the university was almost out. This process of specialization in philosophy led to a theoretical approach to the problem of philosophy, and philosophy tended to acquire methods.

The 20th century is an era in which science and technology are used as a force in economic and inter-state relations. This power is manifested in production and armament. In this period of world wars, dramatic events with political and economic collapses caused people to despair and depressed them and caused them to become individualized. The events have changed people’s understanding of value and some values ​​have been deeply shaken. Philosophers have shown sensitivity to these problems of the age and have committed this situation in their philosophies.