Everyday Knowledge and Common Sense Knowledge

Everyday Knowledge and Common Sense Knowledge

June 26, 2021 Off By Felso

The most common of these, and the type of knowledge we all have more or less knowledge of; everyday knowledge is common sense knowledge or, in the old saying, “common” knowledge.

Everyday knowledge, as the name suggests, is “ordinary knowledge” that people have obtained in their daily lives and as a result of their most ordinary experiments. The source of this knowledge is that all people have basically the same biological structure and similar social conditions.

For example, everyone knows that rain wets, fire burns, be it a genius or the most ordinary person; He calls red red and hot things hot. Again, thanks to such knowledge, man knows that food will satisfy hunger, and that spring will come after summer. Such knowledge is not obtained as a result of a conscious research method, it is gained unintentionally, unconsciously, and is unsystematic in nature. It has arisen only from living, using the senses, experimentation of the most primitive kind, and is not based on any conscious method.

Scientific knowledge and philosophical knowledge can be mentioned as two examples of knowledge that go beyond everyday knowledge or common sense knowledge by using conscious methods.

Source: Prof. Dr. Ahmet Arslan – Introduction to Philosophy Book