Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche; Christianity and Antichrist

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche; Christianity and Antichrist

June 27, 2021 Off By Felso

Nietzsche explained the decline of Western culture (decadence) with the genealogical analysis he presented for the “ascetic ideal”, which he found to be inextricably rooted in moral values, by saying, “We are hostile to Christianity, we look at it with hatred, and all forms of romanticism and worship of the motherland…” has gone his way.

Nietzsche has strong opinions on religion. Although his attitude towards the Christian teaching, his rebellion and his cursing of this teaching did not make much noise in the 19th century, Nietzsche’s recognition and fame aroused great repercussions. Because, in his work called Antichrist, Nietzsche cursed Christianity, belittled it and made various researches on its origin. According to him, “The first and last Christian died on the cross.”

Nietzsche makes the following harsh comment at the very beginning of his work called Antichrist: “Those who are weak and sick should perish. This is the first rule of our love for humanity. They should be helped in this regard. What could be more harmful than a sin? An understanding for the weak and sickly built: “Christianity!””

Nietzsche’s revolt against religion is against Christianity in particular, but against all nihilistic religions in general. Nietzsche’s revolt is not against all religions. Because Nietzsche directly rebels against nihilism, not against religion, and indirectly directs this rebellion against religions with nihilistic elements.

According to Nietzsche, Christianity is a teaching that carries the morality of slaves and denies life. For this reason, the basis of herd psychology is based on this teaching. Christianity, which can be called a kind of asceticism, must be destroyed according to Nietzsche. Because, according to Nietzsche, Christianity is the result of a wrong understanding that can bring the end of the human race.

According to Nietzsche, Christianity is also the enemy of science.

“A religion like Christianity, which has no relation to reality and which has to go away as soon as reality arrives, will naturally be the enemy of world wisdom, that is, science.”

Again, in his work called Antichrist, he described Christianity as a culture destructive religion. Because it has erased and plundered the traces of ancient cultures due to its denial of existence and existence.

“Christianity has stolen from us the legacy of the ancient culture. Then it deprived us of the heritage of Islamic culture. Basically, the magnificent Moorish culture of Spain, which is closer to us than the Greeks and Romans, and which appeals directly to our senses and tastes, has been trampled underfoot. Why is that? Because he was noble, because he was rooted in human instincts…”

According to Nietzsche, Christianity is hostile to any culture and civilization that has human instincts. Because according to him, the Christian is hostile to everything that lives the truth as an idea and wants to plunder it and destroy it for himself.

“Christianity should not be adorned and clothed. He waged war against the higher human type. He forbade all instincts of this type. The devil, the devil, distilled from these instincts. The powerful man was condemned and ostracized from society. Christianity stood by all that was weak, vulgar, ill-built, and idealized the instincts to counteract a strong life.

Nietzsche continues as follows: “I explain my judgment by coming to a conclusion with what I have done; I curse Christianity! I present to the Christian church the greatest accusation ever brought by a prosecutor. To me, Christianity is the most extreme form of corruption and has the will of an ultimate corruption that can be perceived!”

In his book Ecce Homo, he says on this subject: “Do you understand me? What makes me who I am, what separates me from the rest of humanity, is the unmasking of Christian morality. Christian morality—the most malicious form of will to lie—is the true Circe of humanity; Christian morality that has ruined humanity… It has been taught to despise the basic instincts of life: So much so that a “soul”, a “spirit”, was created to destroy the body, falsely taught that there is something dirty in the precondition of life, in sexuality; So much so that with strict selfishness the principle of evil is sought in what is so important to success…”

“The unmasking of Christian morality is an unprecedented event, a turning point. The person who makes it public is an irresistible force, a destiny. He divides human history into two: those who lived before him, those who lived after him…