General Characteristics of Ancient Philosophy

General Characteristics of Ancient Philosophy

November 25, 2019 0 By Felso

– In the first period, Greek philosophy was a philosophy of nature which was almost entirely directed towards the external nature, the world of objects.

– After that, the interest that aroused towards human caused wide systems of classical period. In these systems, God, man, and nature are intended to be grasped in a connection of thought.

– Systematic independent and personal

– It is based on reason, not belief and intuition.

– expresses reaction to polytheism of mythology

– Looks for the invariant behind appearances, multiplicity, relationships, beings. They call it unity.

– Aristotle ‘s own philosophy of developing and accumulating in the school a very rich knowledge team, the independence of individual sciences led to further studies on each branch of knowledge. After that, instead of a system that wanted to include everything, all the issues: a complexity of sciences that gradually became more and more different. Philosophy has separated itself from this connection, and its share has been to deal with general problems related to world and life views.