Ghazali’s Intuitionism

Ghazali’s Intuitionism

July 1, 2021 Off By Felso

Gazzali was born in Khorasan and worked as a professor at the Nizam’ül Mulk madrasah in Baghdad. In his book, The Inconsistency of Philosophers, he revealed the inconsistencies of previous philosophers about the universe and existence.

According to him, human can benefit from both senses and reason in acquiring knowledge. But these faculties cannot give the true knowledge of existence. Because true and certain knowledge is obtained through intuition. This type of knowledge descends into the human heart as a spiritual and sublime perception. Ghazali argues that there are two types of eyes in man.

(a) Normal physical eye: With this, a person turns to the material world and reaches some information. In other words, this eye is the mind that founded the sciences and philosophy.

(b) Eye of the Heart: Since the heart itself is a spiritual substance, a person can grasp the facts with all clarity with it, namely intuition.

Intuitionism, all of an idealistic nature, was realized in four fields of knowledge: philosophy, psychology, ethics, and mathematics.