Hippocratic Oath, Full Text Hippocratic Oath

Hippocratic Oath, Full Text Hippocratic Oath

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Translated into Turkish from the Original Hippocratic Oath


The Hippocratic Oath (also called the “Hippocratic Oath”) is the oath that physicians take when starting their profession.

The Hippocratic Oath, named after the ancient Greek scholar Hippocrates, varies slightly from country to country.

Hippocratic oath

I swear by the physician Apollon Aesculapions, Hygia Panacea and all the Gods and Goddesses.

I hold them as witnesses and witnesses, so that I will fulfill this oath and my promise to the best of my ability.

In this art, I will know my teacher like my father, and I will share my sustenance with him. If he needs money, I’ll split my purse with him. I will teach his children this art without charge or bond if they wish to learn.

I will teach the samples of prescriptions, oral information, oral information and other lessons to my children, my teacher’s children and those who take the oath. I will not teach anyone else but these. To the best of my ability, I will never use my treatment for evil, but for help.

I will not even recommend such a course of action, as I will not give it to anyone who asks me for poison. I’m not going to give an abortion pill to a pregnant woman like this. But I will use my life, my art, in an immaculate way.

I will not use my knife even on those suffering from stones in their bladder. For this, I will leave my place to its people. Whichever house I enter, I will enter to help the patient. I will avoid all intentional evil.

I will avoid excuses from abusing the bodies of men and women, whether free or slave. Both during the performance of my art and when I am in contact with people outside of my art, I will keep what is happening around me, what I see and hear, a secret and will not reveal it to anyone.


This text is the Turkish translation of the original Hippocratic Oath.