How Are Philosophy and Religion Defined? Differences, What are the Differences?

How Are Philosophy and Religion Defined? Differences, What are the Differences?

June 29, 2021 Off By Felso

Aristotle’s famous work “Metaphysics” begins with the sentence “all people naturally want to know”. Again, according to Aristotle, from using people’s senses; For example, their pleasure in seeing and hearing is the clearest proof of this. Indeed, one of the most important features that makes a human human is that he wants to know and know the world surrounding him, the society he lives in, his past and himself with all its aspects.

Now knowledge is a relationship between the knowing entity (philosophical subject or subject) and the known or known entity (philosophical object or object). In this relationship, does the known or the knower predominate; possibility or impossibility, source, area, scope, limits, etc. of knowledge. Questions of this kind form the special subject of the branch of philosophy called epistemology or theory of knowledge. (This subject has been covered extensively in other articles on the site.)

Philosophy is also essentially a kind of knowledge; but it is a special kind of knowledge. In order to understand what kind of knowledge philosophy is and what the characteristics of philosophical knowledge are, it is necessary to talk about other main types of knowledge. The types of information to be discussed in this regard are everyday knowledge and scientific knowledge.

There are many religious beliefs that existed on earth in the past and still exist today. While some of these beliefs show common features with each other, some are completely original and have created their own belief system. In this context, it is difficult to make a common, clear and precise definition of religion in a philosophical sense. For this reason, different definitions can be made about religion. For example, a psychologist, a religious experience; a sociologist can define it as a social institution.

The Turkish Language Association defines the concept of religion in 3 different ways:

1. Religion; It is a social institution that systematizes belief in and worship of a god, supernatural powers, and equal divine beings.

2. Religion, various beliefs; It is an order that collects in the form of rules, institutions, customs and symbols.

3. Religion; They are the beliefs, beliefs, ideals and cults that are believed and adhered to.