Importance of Consistency in Philosophy

Importance of Consistency in Philosophy

December 21, 2019 0 By Felso

The reason that makes the thoughts put forward by the philosophers systematic and that the currents they create come to our day is that they are consistent in itself.

It cannot be said that the system of a philosopher is more accurate or wrong than the systems of other philosophers. The results of philosophical systems cannot be justified by factual testing by experiment, as in science. For example; Plato’s theory of ideals, the utopias in philosophy, examples of truth or error can be given in the context of consistency. Therefore, consistency should not be confused with accuracy.

Consistency , a common principle of thoughts; they are connected to each other by correlation, order, concept or idea; It is the state of interconnection and harmony between the components and elements of a logical whole. Truth is the matching of a thought, proposition or assertion with reality. Accordingly, a proposition that what he points to, which corresponds to it, is true if it exists. For example; The sentence “Ahmet sits in my study room” is true if it corresponds to the phenomenon “Ahmet was observed to sit in my room”.

You will see examples of inconsistencies in the pictures below. On these pictures, you will learn about the consistency in philosophy. Please consider the pictures:


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