Paracelsus, Galileo, and Acceptance of the Experimental Method

Paracelsus, Galileo, and Acceptance of the Experimental Method

June 27, 2021 Off By Felso

In addition to the iatrochemistry view, views based on the science of physics and the principles of physics in the explanation of living structure developed in the 16th century. Among the representatives of these views, Galilei, Descartes and Steno can be counted. Their views are also called iatrophysics.

It is seen that the representatives of this school are mostly active in the development of the technique. For example, Galileo and a group of friends founded the Academia del Cimento; Thanks to their work, studies on the lens were developed in the following years and the microscope and telescope began to be used for scientific research.

Acceptance of the Experimental Method

The views of iatrochemistry and iatrophysics later merged to form the mechanical school; The mechanical school accepted that the structures and functions of all living and non-living beings are similar to each other, and therefore the principles used in the explanation of physics and chemistry phenomena are also valid in biology.

Starting from this view, scientists started to advocate the idea that living things, like inanimate objects, could be studied in the laboratory, and the experimental method in biology became widely used.