Philosophy and Values; Philosophy as Love of Wisdom

Philosophy and Values; Philosophy as Love of Wisdom

December 21, 2019 0 By Felso

Another important feature of philosophical thought that differs from science is that while science deals not only with phenomena, besides philosophy, it also refers to a kind of being called values, meanings and ideals and goals, or a field of being that encompasses them.

As pointed out in the root sense of philosophy change, knowledge of philosophy  (Greek episteme)  or wisdom  (Sophia in Greek)  itself is not the claim to have it; but more specifically, it is the   love of wisdom .

Wisdom or wisdom is a much more assertive and richer concept than knowledge. Wisdom is, in its simplest sense, profound knowledge of the meaning and value of human life. Wisdom is the knowledge that Socrates risked death for.

Source:  Professor Dr. Ahmet Arslan – Introduction to Philosophy