Philosophy – Art Relationship

Philosophy – Art Relationship

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Art, in its most general sense, is an effort to realize what the artist wants to convey, by “giving form”. The philosophy of art has emerged by examining art in terms of philosophy.

Philosophy differs in some respects from art, which it resembles in some respects. Philosophy and art have similarities in terms of purpose and orientation.

Both deal with nature and man. He tries to understand and interpret people. Both philosophy and art reflect and interpret the being to which they are directed. So there is creativity in both. Philosophy can also take art as its subject. As a matter of fact, the philosophy of art, which explores art and the beauty created by art, has emerged as a type of philosophy.

However, there are some differences between philosophy and art. Philosophy relies on reason and reasoning power, while art relies on intuition, emotion and imagination. Philosophy and art differ from each other in terms of their aims. While philosophy aims to reach the truth, the aim of art is to find or create the beautiful.

SIMILAR Aspects of Philosophy and Art
Both are subjective.
Both require critical and creative intelligence.
The existence of art and philosophy is an effort to understand the world and the universe.
Both philosophy and art deal with nature and human existence.
Both do not necessarily have a specific method to follow.
The propositions of both are strictly unverifiable, that is, they cannot be factually verified. A work of art cannot be true or false in its structure.
The products born from both arouse a pleasure in people.
Philosophy seeks the truth, while art seeks to find the beautiful and pleasing.
Reason in philosophy; In art there is an activity based on senses and emotions.
Philosophy exhibits a critical attitude towards the existing, art activates the sense of appreciation for the beautiful.
When philosophy talks about the reality of the world of objects; art tells us about the artist’s world and his reality.
The most important difference between art and philosophy is that while philosophy claims to be a universal knowledge based on thought, art is an activity based on emotions.
In terms of the works he produces, it is necessary to distinguish between art and craft. While products based on utility are revealed in craft, products based on artistic (aesthetic) concern rather than utility are revealed in art. So; Products made to provide a certain benefit and financial income are craft products.
In order for a work of art to gain aesthetic value, there must be aesthetic subjects who enjoy and appreciate that object without considering any interests.

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