Philosophy Courses: What is Philosophy in Brief?

Philosophy Courses: What is Philosophy in Brief?

December 21, 2019 0 By Felso

In the elsefe Philosophy lessons kon, the subjects are tried to be conveyed to our readers in a way that is superficial and in the simplest way possible.

Our elsefe Philosophy courses sel are superficial; because philosophy is not simple enough to be explained in a few paragraphs; simple; because it is aimed not to bore the readers, to tire them, to drown them among various concepts.

Philosophy Courses

Title 1

– What Does the Philosophy Mean?

The word elsefe philosophy oluş comes from the convergence of the Greek words o philo sevgi (love) and ia sophia ”(wisdom). Philosophia means love of wisdom. In general, it means sev to love information, to pursue knowledge ”.

Title 2

– Is philosophy only sev to love knowledge??

By nature, human beings are judging, questioning, arguing. For this reason, there are many things you want to learn. Philosophers also think of such things. Are these so-called “philosophers ları different from normal people, and if so, what are they? Philosophers, of course, have differences from people in the normal process of thinking, and these differences; it comes from their in-depth, consistent, systematicized thinking.

Title 3

– Is philosophy an intellectual effort to make sense of human life?

Without any doubt, the answer to this question is ına yes şüphe. Philosophers try to learn like other people. Knowledge is a “thing ası for them. Philosophers ask questions to get this information. Plato: elsefe Philosophy; it is an intellectual work towards finding the right. erken again emphasizes thinking and questioning.

Philosophers do not only seek knowledge. They draw a sense of morality, a world view and a way of life in the light of the information they have acquired. For example, a philosophy doctrine that perceives the world as a structure composed of “ideas ((idea can be defined as görünüş thoughts and appearances of these thoughts)) has formed all its judgments regarding life accordingly.

You, too, have a questioning look and think about what is happening around you. Try to understand what is happening and why.

Don’t be afraid to think or question.

Socrates: bir an unquestioned life is not worth living.

The purpose of the “philosophy courses deki on our website is; without squeezing you, is to try to transfer the philosophy to you. Please send your comments, suggestions, criticism, etc. about this section. Please share your thoughts with us.

We would like to state that we always have a structure open to questioning, criticizing, evaluating and evaluating.

4. Title

– What do the thinkers – philosophers – say about philosophy and how do they define it?

Karl Jaspers:  yapmak Philosophy is learning to die. Karl

Socrates: elsefe  Philosophy is to know what you don’t know. ”

Plato:  yolunda It is an idealistic work towards finding the truth. Plat

Aristotales:  “Principles or the first reason is the science of philosophy. Ar

Epicurus:  tutarlı It is a coherent operational system to ensure a happy life. Ep

Augustinus:  elsefe Philosophy is to know God, and true philosophy and true religion are identical. August

Anselmus:  çalışmak Trying to understand what is believed. ”

Abaelardus:  tır To find out if believing is worth believing. Ab

A. Thomas:  dır The subject of God is the introduction of God. A.

Campanella:  “Criticism. Camp

F. Bacon:  düşünmek Thinking about scientific data based on experimentation and observation. ”

T. Hobbes:  yapmak Making philosophy is thinking correctly. Doğru

Descartes:  “Philosophy is a science and it is necessary to apply the geometric method to metaphysics, to make philosophy a definitive science. Des

Spinoza: elsefe  Philosophy is generalized mathematics. ”

Leibniz: tır  It is to perceive what is actually true. Philosophy should go down from the heavens to the ground and deal with the five senses. ”

Locke:  tır To prove that all our thoughts come from our real world through our senses. Lock

Condillac: elsefe  Philosophy is the knowledge of sensations. Cond

Hume:  ir To study the nature of the human mind. H

… and finally; philosophy continues to exist in every corner of life.

Even philosophy is life itself.

Source:  Atatürk University Department of Sociology 1st Year “Introduction to Philosophy” Lecture Notes (Ömer YILDIRIM)