Philosophy – Life – Life Relation

Philosophy – Life – Life Relation

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Questioning your expectations from life, thinking about your goals; It makes you realize the good and the bad for yourself. If you have started to think about life, it means that you are in search of a meaningful life. This effort to give meaning, this state of consciousness shows that philosophy is in your life. As a matter of fact, man is a being who thinks why, according to what and how to live.

Let’s remember that philosophy is a thinking activity. If you think about which dress will suit you and which friend you will be happy with, such thinking is not philosophical. On the other hand, “What is beauty?” If you are asking, it means you are philosophizing on beauty. Similarly, “What is happiness?” If you are asking, it means you are philosophizing on happiness.

If we open these questions concerning art and morality, you can see that other questions await: “What makes beauty beautiful?”, “Is beauty in things that exist or is it in the eyes of the person watching it?”, “Does art change our view of life?” we can multiply such questions, “How can I be happy?”, “How can I decide which path to take if I want to do something and society says it is wrong?” as. The answers to such questions will always be those that shape your view of life in your life. As a matter of fact, the meaning you give to them will determine what value you will add to your life or what kind of search you will be.

While you reason on selfishness, honesty, love, tolerance and justice based on your relationships with people, you think about some values ​​and philosophize in a way, even if you are not aware of it. For example, “What is love, what is tolerance, what is honesty, what is justice?” When you ask, you are trying to reveal the meaning of these concepts and values.

It is thanks to philosophical consciousness that you see the problems that occur in the world. For example, pollution of the environment is not seen as a problem by some. If you are sensitive about this issue, you can consider environmental pollution as a violation of the right to live in a healthy natural environment. The steps you will take and the actions you will take will be shaped from the moment you accept this situation as a serious problem.

In the events you encounter in your daily life, you will see that there are some thoughts and truths that form the basis of your actions when you need to decide. For example, when deciding to help a person in need or when it is necessary to save a dying person, there is always a philosophical view behind one’s behavior.

Philosophy does not say to help you “for your own benefit” or “unconditionally”. “What would be the right thing to do in any situation encountered?” It does not give an answer to the question, nor does it give orders about the truths that you should adopt. For example, “What is good action?” In the face of a philosophical question, philosophers enlighten people with their views from a universal point of view. In this way, philosophy contributes to the correct thinking of people by showing them the various aspects of the situations they encounter. All that remains is to do whatever one believes to be right.

Philosophy asks people not to forget that they live in the same world as other people and that they affect their environment with their actions. At this point, he expects the person to question himself, to realize his actions by thinking about his goals and the price he has to pay for this cause. For this reason, he asks her to ask him some questions. For example, are you sure that the goals you have adopted are the right ones? Do you sometimes ignore the situation and throw the responsibility on someone else in a situation that you think is not right? Thus, to the person; He says that he should be accountable to himself, that he should not contradict himself, that is, he should be consistent. It finds it right for the person to be aware of the principle on which he/she makes his/her decision.

For this, it examines the judgments put forward and the concepts used in depth. It shows their basis and points to contradictions. For example, if a person establishes a business at the expense of harming nature and people, philosophy does not ask that person to act by considering the interests of the day. Philosophy expects people to distinguish between good and evil based on their reason and to live in a way that suits human dignity. Philosophy derives directly from the life of man. This way of thinking, which arises from living itself, is again directed towards the person himself and his life. Therefore, one has to philosophize. Philosophy is one of the most valuable things that can happen in a person’s life. Philosophy cannot be separated from the idea of ​​dealing directly with life.

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Philosophical attitude requires questioning and criticizing life and everything about life and searching for the truth behind what appears. This attitude makes the philosopher different from other people. For example: