Philosophy of Values

Philosophy of Values

November 25, 2019 0 By Felso

Here  comes the source and justification of the discipline of philosophy called “philosophy of values”  or  “axiology” in general , which treats values ​​such as good or bad, beautiful or ugly, which science does not address  .

The first of the pair, these two concepts known as  “moral philosophy” The  (ethics) , and the other  “philosophy of art” the  (aesthetic)  are of special interest. Even in accordance with individual plans to justify Aristotle’s warning, the political regime plans  “good or bad” year, ie good or bad management philosophy discipline dealing with  “political philosophy”  it can be called.

We can also count the philosophy of science and philosophy of religion within the discipline of philosophy of values.

Source:  Professor Dr. Ahmet Arslan – Introduction to Philosophy