Relationship between Philosophy and Religion

Relationship between Philosophy and Religion

December 21, 2019 0 By Felso

Religion and philosophy are closely interrelated.

There are views that acknowledge that philosophy began in ancient Greece with a critique of religious beliefs. According to this understanding, the philosophy which criticized religion and existed itself intertwined with religion in the Middle Ages and was used to base religious beliefs. Today, from the close relationship of these two disciplines, a discipline called f philosophy of religion çalışan which examines the basic concepts of religion and tries to ground religious principles has emerged.

There is a similarity between philosophy and religion in terms of their purpose. Both try to find the most basic in terms of being and value. They strive to understand and explain the universe and human. There are differences between philosophy and religion in their sources and methods. The information revealed in religion is transmitted through the apostles of God through revelation. In philosophy, truths are reached through reason and reasoning. Religion is divine in its source and philosophy is human. Again, religion is closed to change. There is no doubt. The basic rules and orders must be believed. Philosophy is based on reasoning; asks questions, doubts, is open to criticism. in this way, it constantly reveals new information and changes.

Similar aspects of philosophy and religion are:

Some of the problems in the subject of philosophy are also among the subjects of religion. Philosophy; As he tries to get to know the universe, man and life, he asks questions like “How did the universe come into being?” and “What is the purpose of human existence??. These questions are especially asked and answered in divine religions. In other words, both philosophy, religion, human being’s purpose of existence, the existence of the universe, the value of life, morality, values, humanity and so on. threads.

The different and differentiated aspects of philosophy and religion are:

There is a skeptical and critical attitude in philosophy. This attitude helps people to reach the right information. The truth of religion consists of what the holy book and prophet declares. There is no doubt after believing in the truths of religion. Because faith is essential in these truths. In more philosophical terms, religion is dogmatic, and philosophy is a rational activity.

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