Religion Problem for East and West

Religion Problem for East and West

December 21, 2019 0 By Felso

“There is no good or bad, our thoughts create them.” William Shakespeare

The various branches of philosophy are not only interconnected, but also overlap severely, and sometimes it is difficult to say which idea belongs to which field.

Philosophy also extends to many different subjects , including science, history and art. Philosophy, which initially questions the dogmas of religion and superstitions, also examines religion itself with questions such as mı Is there God? ”Or mü Are our souls immortal?.. The roots of these questions are metaphysics, but they also have an impact on ethics. For example, some philosophers have investigated whether our moral sense comes from God, or whether it is a purely human fiction, and this has sparked a debate about where human beings’ original will goes.

In Eastern philosophies (especially in Taoism and Buddhism) that emerged in China and India, the lines between philosophy and religion are at least more obscure than Western thought. This is one of the most important differences between Western and Eastern philosophies. Although Eastern philosophies are not usually the result of a divine inspiration or religious dogma, they are often intimate with what we call issues of faith. Although philosophical reasoning is used to confirm faith in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic world, faith and faith constitute an important part of Eastern philosophy, which is exemplary in the West. Eastern and Western philosophies are also different in terms of starting points.

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