Religious Experience Evidence of God’s Existence, What is Religious Experience?

Religious Experience Evidence of God’s Existence, What is Religious Experience?

June 29, 2021 Off By Felso

Ontological, cosmological and teleological proofs have tried to justify the existence of God by starting from the world outside us. However, this evidence examines the problem based on the experiences of man, who is a believing being.

Although these reasons do not fit the phrase, this evidence can also be called “evidence of religious experience”. In order to have such an experience, one must believe in the first place. In a sense, this evidence can be described as “an evidence that goes back to God from God”.

The famous Islamic thinker Ghazali expresses this subject under three headings in his life of faith. In this religious experience, which he expresses as imitation, knowledge and pleasure, first of all, faith is accepted as it is, this stage is the stage of imitation. Later, some evidences are obtained on the requirements of this faith. At the point of pleasure, it is now possible to go deeper into the explanation of belief, and here a higher mood is reached. [one]

There are some points where the evidence of religious experience also comes under criticism. These points can be summarized as follows:

1. It varies from religion to religion, from continent to continent.

2. There is a problem in distinguishing between spiritual imbalances and diseases.

3. Due to its personal nature, objective evaluations cannot be made.

4. Even if it is said to have a positive effect on human character, it should not be confused with the truth value.

5. The constant desire of those who enjoy religious experience causes problems in determining the truth value.


[1] Ghazali, Mishkatu’l Anwar