Religious Knowledge, What is Religious Knowledge?

Religious Knowledge, What is Religious Knowledge?

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Religious knowledge is the establishment of the relationship between subject and object on the basis of a belief system determined by a supreme or divine being. The most important feature of religious knowledge is that it contains unchanging and precise information that explains the individual and society based on a certain religion. In other words, religious knowledge is absolute and unchangeable.

Religious knowledge includes explanations about what individuals should do and what they should avoid. While explaining these, the words and attitudes of the holy books and prophets are used. In summary, religious knowledge, unlike other types of knowledge, consists of absolute, unchangeable, compelling and precise knowledge arising from the bond of belief.

Religious knowledge is the type of knowledge obtained by establishing the bond between the knower and the known, with faith and belief. Since it is an approach beyond the laws of physics, it is also considered as metaphysical (metaphysical) information. The basic logic of religious knowledge; The transcendent being (usually God) who created the universe and me has the most accurate information. “Then I must listen to him for correct information, I must turn to him.” thought arises.

Every religious knowledge is effective within the framework of its own religious rituals.

Religious knowledge based on faith is dogmatic. In other words, dogmas are indisputable and there can be no doubt about their correctness. In this respect, religious knowledge is absolute. However, absoluteness is among those who believe in that belief system. For another belief system, their own beliefs are absolute, unchangeable and indisputable.

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The truth value of religious knowledge is not sought in conformity with its object or conformity with nature. If nature does not conform to religious knowledge, the fault is not sought in that knowledge, but in nature itself. Religious knowledge is systematic. It is a unique view of the world. It has a logical consistency in itself. In addition, the regulator has the power to impose sanctions. Usually organized.

It is based on faith,
It is dogmatic,
It is systematic,
Compatibility with nature is not sought.

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