Saint Simonists and Woman

Saint Simonists and Woman

June 28, 2021 Off By Felso

An Example from the Book “Saint Simon the First Sociologist, the First Socialist”

France is thirsty for a new faith. Mysticism has become fashionable. Saint-Simonists are also tempted by mysticism, more than anyone else. Because they have lived with their heads for a long time, they have spent their lives studying the laws of matter, most of them are engineers.

They are fed up with math and physics, they need air. They need a humid wind to cool their burning foreheads, the wind of excitement. This is the transition from criticism to faith. Eugene Rodrigues, shuddering heart Can he get a new life?

As the Saint-Simonists rush to a new faith, they find the woman in front of them. That was natural. Only he could practice the new religion and establish the new world. Saint-Simon had bequeathed the development of the most populous and poorest class in the New Christianity, that man should no longer exploit man. However, at the head of the exploited was a woman, a slave who did not rebel. Like the worker, the woman is also a victim, and like the worker, she is deprived of the opportunity to develop her skills.

The Saint-Simonists want the liberated of the exploited, but without overturning society, without force, without fighting. The first clause of their credo was to bring peace. Of course they would call her for help. Enfantin was saying as early as 1831 that “only women can bring peace to this world of suicides, murders and wars”. In 1837, the same belief was shouting to the members of the jury, “I repeat: men! You seek order and freedom among yourselves in vain, only women will grant you these blessings of God”.

Barrault was even more exuberant: “Mother, the angel God sent to earth! The bloody claw of the Caesars has punctured the globe, and now it will rest in your white hands, magnificent and serene.”

She would end wars, she was a priestess of peace. Humanity would enter the peace order thanks to his guidance. Saint-Simonists are more concerned with women than with labor misery. He will realize the philosophies of history she. The reproaches of friends are in vain. What business can be accomplished without women in politics? His hand will bind the wounds of the worker.

Feminism is a cause that engulfs the hearts of new believers like fire. All the faults of civilization come from the same source: man has forgotten the rights of the woman, the power of the woman. Unless women gain their rights, there is no hope for the future of humanity.

But how will the woman be saved? This is the case that puts His Holiness Enfantin, Pope of the New Church, in a difficult position. According to Enfantin, if women are not equal to men, exploitation continues. But a woman cannot save a woman. woman saves man + woman. Marriage should be reformed so that women’s rights and power will increase. But what are the limits of this breeding? Enfantin’s answer is not as revolutionary as one might think: freedom of divorce. It should not be forgotten that not everyone is of the same creation. There are people, they are attached to one person; There are people who are pansy, change is a necessity for them. Enfantin calls those whose love is deep and permanent, the ones who do not change (immobile), those who change (mobile). Shouldn’t we respect both tendencies?

Enfantin bends over the abyss: he consoles the young women wounded by fate, the incomprehensible, the rebels. Fornication and adultery are the fruit of the law. End the hypocrisy. The aim is to fuse antiquity with medieval thought. The Golden age is before us, Saint-Simon said; The key to the Golden Age is in the hands of the woman, Saint-Simonists say.

Neither the bourgeoisie listens to the Saint-Simonists, nor the workers, they do not want to get rid of it. A whole world of hostility is after them: the prosecutor demanding their convictions, the journalists who made their caricatures and the hoots of the people. Moreover, the most crowded, poorest class is not even aware that they live. Disappointment, disappointment. The only consolation, the only hope, the only light: woman. He will break the chains, he will bind the wounds. They are waiting; They wait with shudder, excitement, faith. But the endless waiting is driving their sensitive souls to rebellion. They want to do something.

Paris doesn’t understand the Saint-Simonians. These lies are getting away from your town. Their first stop is Lyon: the land of the workers. But Lyon is very close. The lover they dreamed of is not there. The Christ-woman is in unknown lands, far away, the cradle of religions, the homeland of dreams, the world to which all romantics yearn: the East. Soul and skin will mingle in those sunny countries.

Some of the Saint-Simonians sail from Marseille. Give me your hand Istanbul. Barrault respectfully greets all the women he meets here. The sultan does not like these crazy people. First he has them imprisoned, then sends them to Izmir. Some of the apostles in Paris go from Izmir to Egypt and meet Enfantin. Enfantin is forced to console these ardent lovers, who believe that all their hopes will come true in woman. The way to reach women is through industry, he tells them. “Our fiancee is the earth for now, he says, he is our mother. Hug.