Selected Words and Dialogues from Socrates (Socrates)

Selected Words and Dialogues from Socrates (Socrates)

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– A person who wants to change something should start with himself first.

Knowledge is food for the soul.

There is so much a man can do without it.

– A judge must listen in good faith, respond wisely, think clearly, and decide impartially.

– A person who knows does not do evil.

– How can an ignorant person be expected to be a friend to someone else when he is even his own enemy?

– The most virtuous person is the one who tries to rise spiritually, and the happiest person is the one who hears his ascension.

– If you want to get rid of your worries, accept that the thing you fear most in life will happen to you one day.

– Virtue is the beauty of the soul.

Philosophy begins with wonder.

Philosophy is knowing what you don’t know.

It is better to be wronged than to be wronged.

Doing injustice is more painful than being wronged.

– Man learns what he knows.

– Once a woman is made equal to a man, she is superior to him.

– There is no coincidence in the universe.

– What would you get if you won the whole world at your own expense?

– Know yourself.

– If you want to find yourself, think for yourself.

– I can’t teach anyone anything, I can only make them think.

– Get married at any cost. If your wife turns out well, you will be happy, if it is bad, then you will become a philosopher.

– Learning is nothing but re-remembering something that was known before.

– There is only one good, knowledge; And there is only one evil, ignorance.

– The unexamined life is not worth living.

– All I know is that I don’t know anything.

– Not only those who are unemployed, but also those who can do better jobs are straying.


Before he was executed, his wife Xanthippe told Socrates: “But you are innocent; you are being executed innocently.”

In response, Socrates answers: “Woman, would you prefer that I be executed as a criminal?”


Socrates asked: “Who is man, what is man?”

Volunteer students at Agora: “What is there not to know about him? Man is a bipedal, hairless creature.” they said.

The next day, Socrates, who came to the market with a plucked rooster, pointed to the animal and repeated his question: “Is that what you call a human?”


One day, while Socrates was walking on a narrow path, one of the nobles of the period came across him. The road was wide enough for only one person to pass.

When one had to give way to the other, the noble said: “I will not give way to a poor person like you”.

Socrates’ answer was as follows: “I will give.”


Socrates came home late one day. His wife constantly asks the reason for this delay. He talked, shouted, called; Socrates did not react to his wife and continued to look ahead. Thereupon, his wife poured a bucket of water on Socrates’ head. Socrates calmly replied to his wife:

“After all that thunder, I’ve been waiting for this rain…”