Selected Words from Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Selected Words from Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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– Life is like a fairy tale, it is not how long it is but how it is lived.

– You roll my log, I’ll roll yours…

– It’s not the quantity that matters, it’s the quality.

– If a person knows which port he wants to reach, any wind is suitable for him.

– We should strive not to live long, but to live right.

– Everything that begins ends.

The happy life is a triumph of reason and thought over passion and fear.

– We do not dare because it is difficult, on the contrary, it is difficult because we do not dare.

– Most of the time it is quality that is regular, not quantity.

Man is a rational thinking animal.

– You can discover the character of each man, if you pay attention to how he receives it when he is praised for himself.

– All art is an imitation of nature.

– The roads leading to the heights of greatness are bumpy and bumpy.

– It is useful to know even unnecessary things, rather than knowing nothing.

– Time finds the truth.

– Great wealth is great slavery.

– A well-functioning brain has an empire.

– Live among people as if your God sees you. When you pray to God, pray as if people are listening to you.

– We mortal creatures, how crazy we are.

– Openly shown hatred destroys the feeling of revenge.

– It is not the person who has very little, but the person who longs for a lot, who is poor.

– Some people live without any purpose in life. Such people are like mind-blowing straw on a river. They don’t go; but they flow away by being caught by the flow of water.

– We all talk about the brevity of life, but we don’t know how to use our free time!

– He who does not plant the tree of knowledge in his youth will not find a shade to relax in his old age.

– Mild pains can speak, but deep pains are dumb.

– O life, it is thanks to death that you are held so important.

– There is no day without pain.

– Anyone who makes a decision without listening to one side is deemed to have committed an injustice, even if he has made the right decision.

– Fate cannot take back what it has not given.

– Life is like a story; The important thing is not that the work is long, but that it is good.

– A wise man should smile even at the worst.

– Advice has a long path, for example, its path is short and effective.

– It is unnecessary to give advice to someone who knows, and insufficient to someone who does not know.

– Life is like a fairy tale, it’s not how long it is but how good it is.

– Living without books; blind, deaf and dumb.

– Those who spend their life traveling find many hoteliers; but not friendship.

– Loyalty bought with money is also sold with more money.

– The most powerful person is the one who has control over himself.

– A degenerate beauty is like a scentless violet.

– The dwarf, even if he climbs the mountain; A giant is a giant even if he enters a well.

– Communities bark at big men as little dogs bark at strangers.

– What is surprising if God severely tests noble souls? The proof of virtue is never easy. Fortune whips and crushes us, let’s endure! This is not brutality, it is a struggle; The more often we face this challenge, the braver we will be.