Socialization, What are Socialization Tools?

Socialization, What are Socialization Tools?

July 2, 2021 Off By Felso

Socialization tools are functional social coexistence environments and communication tools that make the individual a part of the society. It is possible to examine them under four main headings: family, school, friend groups and mass media.


The family is the most important social unit in which the individual steps into a social environment for the first time. Especially in traditional societies, the influence of the family on socialization is quite high. Although the effect of the family on socialization has decreased in modern societies, the fact that the most important step of the individual’s participation in social life is the family does not change.


For example, individuals acquire the qualities of language learning and forming basic behavioral patterns, which are among the most important socialization gains, in the family. A second means of socialization apart from the family is school. The school has a formal and organized structure, and with these features, it teaches many things that will facilitate the life of the individual and gives a lot of behavior. School also plays a large and important role in the adoption of social values. Because school, as a structure that the individual enters directly after his family, is a tool for individuals to have direct contact with other individuals.


Another socialization tool in the socialization process of individuals is friend groups. Individuals encounter other individuals who do not have blood or family ties in their friend groups, and they experience conflict, cooperation and competition in this environment. At the same time, fellowships teach individuals to freely express and put into practice their expectations, aspirations, aspirations, and orientations.

Mass media is one of the most important factors of socialization.

The fourth means of socialization is mass media. Mass media have a different effect and place in modern societies than other means of socialization. Radio, television, cinema, newspaper, internet etc. Mass media comes to the forefront as a very important socialization tool in today’s world with its potential to reach and influence very large masses. Mass media also has a one-sided decisive influence, as it does not allow the people it affects to respond directly to it. For example, a news text has the power to direct millions of people as it wishes, and it does this without a direct reaction from the people it directs. One of the most important features of mass media is that they can offer identifiable role models to individuals. It can also be used for serials, movies, music clips, television programs, etc. He can easily do it with his arms.


Non-governmental organizations that come together to realize a purpose and develop mutual interaction and that affect cultural life with a sense of belonging and us also play a role in socialization. The sense of affiliation created by membership in non-governmental organizations develops characteristics such as sharing a certain group culture, acting jointly, and respecting the thoughts and ideas of other group members. It is an important element for individuals who are sensitive to problems and have many original thoughts to have the opportunity to evaluate their ideas thanks to non-governmental organizations.

Prepared by: Sociologist Ömer Yıldırım