Thales’ Understanding of Religion and Justice

Thales’ Understanding of Religion and Justice

June 28, 2021 Off By Felso

Thales’ thoughts on religion were also quoted by Diogenes Laertios. Thales first spoke of the concept of God, which has no beginning and no end. According to him, God is good and just (dikaios), so he wants people to be like that too.

Thales did not hold a democratic view. During the reign of Thrasybulus, the Tyrant of Miletus, he suggested to Solon in a letter to live with him elsewhere, thinking that he did not like tyranny. Thales’ thought on justice encompasses both the scientific and spiritual aspects of law. The legal considerations among citizens, which are in the nature of advice, are as follows;

– Expect as much love from your children as you show your own parents.
– Be envied rather than pityed.
– Don’t let people you trust influence you. (Companion of bail is disaster.)
– Be rich, but for success. Don’t be badly rich.
– Don’t do things yourself that you blame others for.
– Laziness is not pleasant. Even if you’re rich, don’t be lazy.
– Don’t trust everyone.
– Be measured.
– It is harmful not to control yourself.
– A lack of education is hard to put up with.

According to Thales, a man can endure difficulties more easily if he knows that his enemies are in a bad situation. that men are better than women; He also thinks that the Greeks are better than the Barbarians. According to Thales, a happy person is one who is physically healthy, resourceful and able to learn about nature.