The Age of Ancient Enlightenment

The Age of Ancient Enlightenment

December 22, 2019 0 By Felso

Ancient Greek philosophy BC Phase covering the 5th century.

Ancient Greek philosophy of BC The phase covering the 5th century is called the Age of Enlightenment. Ancient enlightenment, like later enlightenments, has the character of a critical reaction to intellectual philosophy and a return to nature.

Whenever speculative philosophy attempts to raise the claim of building big systems to an unbearable line for human intelligence, human intelligence has always been silent and has woken up from imaginary sleep by reacting critically to it. That was the case in ancient Greece. BC Until the 5th century, so many hypothetical assumptions were made that it was necessary to return to earth (nature and man) from these bright dreams rising to heaven.

It is the sophistication movement that realizes the Greek enlightenment. Ancient scholars have replaced the nomos with the natural law (physis). The Age of Enlightenment prepared Socrates, which completely turned its back on metaphysics.