The Emergence of Kalam in the Islamic World

The Emergence of Kalam in the Islamic World

December 22, 2019 0 By Felso

The first original and mature products in the Islamic world VIII-XIII. It is known that scientific and intellectual debates were made on the basis of the principles of faith, morality and law of Islamic religion before the beginning of the studies of “philosophy yüzyıl in the special meaning giving between centuries.

Both religious and moral, legal, social and political problems concerning individual and social life are directly related to Hz. The unity of belief and consensus in the age of happiness, which was solved by the Prophet, together with its success, was replaced by the great sin, freedom of fate and will, and so on. had left many problems. In addition, with great speed and success in the conquests of the second caliph Hz. During the Omar period, the spread of Islam to a wide geography including Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Egypt enabled Muslims to meet many different beliefs and cultural circles, which brought some important developments.

– The  birth of Kalam

–  Zuhd movement and Sufism