The Identity of Thought and Action

The Identity of Thought and Action

October 7, 2018 0 By Felso

But although the duality, of which religion now seems to consist, cannot be broken up, in the concrete, into two separable elements, it is still a duality.

Thought and action remain simply side by side and absolutely distinct, though each is necessary to the other. Religion, it appears, is simply a compound of philosophy and morality, though philosophy always involves morality and morality can never exist without philosophy ; and therefore all life, as such, shows the composite character which is the mark of religion.

It is not simply religion, but all the life of the mind, that is now subject to the dualism; and therefore there is the greater need of understanding it. What is this dualism between thought and action?

We have seen that the two things mutually depend upon one another, but we have not inquired very minutely into the nature of this dependence.