The Moral Philosophy and Understanding of Society of Roger Bacon (Rogerus Baco)

The Moral Philosophy and Understanding of Society of Roger Bacon (Rogerus Baco)

June 27, 2021 Off By Felso

As a matter of fact, we cannot claim that Rogerus Baco developed a social philosophy on his own. However, he has been in search of solutions to some social problems, especially based on his thoughts that he shaped in the field of theology. The science mentioned in the above section has some advantages in practical life, according to Rogerus Baco.

However, “these advantages are not just financial; but it is also moral and religious” (Maurer, 1982: 133). Baco’s attributing such a quality to this science means that all the knowledge acquired by man is included in his moral philosophy. In that case, the science called moral philosophy is a science that controls and guides all the relations of man with himself, his neighbor and God. Therefore, morality is about “human happiness and well-being. This practical aim of moral philosophy places it in the most noble position among the sciences; for all speculative philosophy has moral philosophy for its own purpose” (Maurer, 1982: 133).

For Rogerus Baco, philosophy is an academic endeavor that transforms the mind, which is used as a tool on the path to wisdom, into a subtle one. Wisdom was originally given to the prophets and the high priests (bishops) of the church. Because of these people who are at the top of religion, theology should be accepted as a universal virtue that encompasses all sciences. Rogerus Baco, who thinks that this universal virtue resides in God as a whole and is revealed to people thanks to Him, argues that morality and education that should be given under the shadow of theology will create a universal society shaped by such a universal virtue (Maurer, 1982: 133).

Rogerus Baco’s greatest dream is a society in which people united around a common faith are ruled by a single man. Such a conception of society is a design put forward by Augustine, as we have seen. However, Augustine said that this society would emerge only in heaven, and Rogerus Baco believed that such a society would form on earth. Of course, this society was a great Christian ideal and could only be realized with faith and theology.

Prepared by: Sociologist Ömer YILDIRIM
Source: Omer YILDIRIM’s Personal Lecture Notes. Atatürk University Sociology Department 1st Year “Introduction to Philosophy” and 2nd, 3rd, 4th Grade “History of Philosophy” Lecture Notes (Ömer YILDIRIM); Open Education Philosophy Textbook