The Relationship between Enlightenment and Rationalism (Rationality)

The Relationship between Enlightenment and Rationalism (Rationality)

July 1, 2021 Off By Felso

With the Enlightenment, the concepts of reason and rationality gained a different meaning.

Beyond a philosophical emphasis, people who criticize feudal and religious institutions and practices, and social and political practices in the light of reason and on the basis of reason, began to be called rationalists, and this type of critical approach began to be called rationalism.

It is here that philosophical principles also become the founding principles of a new orientation in social arrangements. In this sense, rationalism refers to approaches that adopt reason as a founding principle and that are based on rational social arrangements against religious social organizations.

Kant’s “What is enlightenment?” The answer he gave to the question “it is the use of one’s own mind” shows that reason is a philosophical principle in enlightenment. Accordingly, reason, which is a universal basis, will be able to enable a rational arrangement of social life that can be valid for everyone.