The Relationship Between Evolution and Revolution

The Relationship Between Evolution and Revolution

July 1, 2021 Off By Felso

Quantitative and qualitative formations that prepare each other and have conditions for each other. Development takes place in all natural and social phenomena by the formation of quantitative and qualitative changes each other. For example, boiled water follows the process of quantitative changes (evolution) until it reaches one hundred degrees, and it suddenly jumps at one hundred degrees, undergoes a qualitative change (revolution) and evaporates.

Likewise, in society, an idea first multiplies in quantity (evolution), and when the necessary accumulation is realized, it suddenly changes the quality of the society (revolution). The natural and social development process continues with the transitions from quantity to quality and from quality to quantity. For example, a machine (quality) increases production (quantity), an increase in production requires a new machine (transition from quantity to quality), and a new machine increases production more (shift from quality to quantity). The process of formation takes place at such a dialectical level. Quantitative change happens little by little, and qualitative change happens suddenly, by leaps and bounds. But this speed varies according to the nature of the formation and the conditions in which the leap takes place.

Development always takes place to a higher level and in a spiral, bottom-up process, always replacing the old with the new.

The new preserves and contains the permanent and solid aspects of the old. “Development does not occur in any field without denying its own old forms of being”. Persistence and preservation of positive gains made in earlier stages of development realizes evolutionary accumulation. If this were not so, the fact that the new had severed all ties with the old would have put an end to evolutionary accumulation, and the new, which did not contain the precious treasure of the old, would only have made a metamorphosis. However, evolution is a ‘progress’ process that rises from the bottom up, from the simple to the complex.