Thomas Hobbes Quotes, Selected Lyrics

Thomas Hobbes Quotes, Selected Lyrics

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– Homo Homini Lupus (Man is man’s wolf.)

– (Without the state) man’s life is lonely, poor, unhappy and short.

– Where there is no state, there is no place for industry; because the benefits from industry are uncertain; as a result, there will be no culture on earth; there will be no sea and air transport; there will be no use of imported goods; there will be no laws; letters cannot be sent; there will be no society; worst of all would be doubt; There will be fear of violence and death. Without the state, man’s life is lonely, poor, unhappy and short.

– (Where there is no state) … there will be no property, there will be no distinction between you and me; Only people with power will be able to get what they want.

– The way to protect them (citizens) from the invasion of foreigners, to prevent them from harming each other, to secure their industry and the fruits of the earth, is to give all power and might to a single person or assembly of people… I give my rights to this person or to the assembly of the people. Thus, all power and might are gathered in a single person. It is called STATE or CIVITAS in Latin. This is the birth of the great LEVIATHAN.

– Knowledge is power.

– Fear of invisible things is the natural seed of what everyone calls religion. Word of the day 09 December 2006

– If a person tells you that God made the cow talk and you don’t believe him, it doesn’t mean that you don’t believe in God, but that you don’t believe the person speaking

– Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself.

– The origin of every crime, or a problem in perception; or a problem in reasoning; or a sudden attack of passion.

Science is the knowledge of consequences and the dependence of one fact on another.

– The universe, the sum of all that is, is corporeal, that is, the ‘body’, and has dimensions of size, length, breadth, and depth. Every part of the universe is a ‘body’, and anything that is not a ‘body’ is not part of the universe. And since the universe is everything, what is not part of it is nothing, so it is nowhere.

– Why can’t we cooperate like bees and ants?

– A man’s worth or worth, as with all things, is his price.

Words are wise men’s chips, fools’ money.

Prepared by: Sociologist Ömer YILDIRIM
Source: Omer YILDIRIM’s Personal Lecture Notes. Atatürk University Sociology Department 1st Year “Introduction to Philosophy” and 2nd, 3rd, 4th Grade “History of Philosophy” Lecture Notes (Ömer YILDIRIM); Open Education Philosophy Textbook