Truth and Reality: What is Truth, What is Reality? Difference Between Accuracy and Reality

Truth and Reality: What is Truth, What is Reality? Difference Between Accuracy and Reality

November 25, 2019 0 By Felso

The words of truth and reality are the words that we use frequently in our daily lives and are often used interchangeably.

According to the word,  reality is everything that exists. In other words, it is the truth itself. Reality has different meanings according to the types of information. For example, according to scientific knowledge, reality is related to beings that can be subject to experimentation and is expressed by a legality based on generalizations of the facts (induction). Philosophical knowledge also accepts mental and spiritual elements that transcend the senses for reality. From this point of view, it can be said that there is abstract reality as well as concrete reality. Concrete reality is material realities that exist independently of the human mind, whose existence is not dependent on man. Abstract reality is realities that depend on the mental and spiritual aspects of the human being. A plane tree is an example of concrete reality, mathematical basic propositions of abstract reality.

The fact that reality indicates a state of knowledge   reveals the concept of truth . If a spoken word coincides with reality, it is said to be “true.. The fact that something is true is related to reflecting some or all of the reality it points to. Accuracy is a concept with two meanings: factual and formal validation. Factual confirmation ; it is the coherence of a judgment with the object to which the proposition is directed. The judgment that “the Earth revolves around its own axis and around the Sun ur is correct because it corresponds to reality. This   is also called information accuracy . Formal verification , another meaning of accuracy  whereas the thought does not contradict itself, it is consistent. “The sum of the inner angles of a triangle is 180 degrees.” This   is expressed as logic line .

For example:

For factual accuracy: If the water is heated sufficiently, it boils.

For formal accuracy:

Dogs are not gill.
Babi is a dog.
Then Babi is not gill.

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