Types of Information: What is Everyday Information?

Types of Information: What is Everyday Information?

November 25, 2019 0 By Felso

Everyday knowledge, as the name suggests, is the type of knowledge that is valid and gained in daily life and that emerges with the idea of ​​meeting the practical needs of human beings in the easiest and shortest way.

Since the beginning of human existence, people have made their lives easier by using everyday information. For example, as a result of their observations and experiences that the board can float in water, they did not explain why the board floats without sinking, but they built boats from the board using the discovery feature of the board, and crossed the rivers, lakes and seas with their boats and added practical value to their lives. Again, for example, by observing or experiencing several times that green apples are sour,  “Green apples are sour.”  generalized. The information put forward in this generalization is daily information.

In everyday knowledge, human beings reach generalizations through trial and error. If you look at another example, for example,  “Chamomile tea is good for cough.”  We obtain information as a result of these observations and experiences. The reason why chamomile tea is good for cough is neither the person who consumes the tea nor the person who recommends it; However, there is information that chamomile tea is good for cough, and this information is both daily learning and practical life. Let us reinforce the issue with another example: Man observes that it rains as a result of the condensation of clouds and darkening of the air. When one observes that the weather is getting dark and the clouds are intensifying, he learns that he should take the umbrella and go out to the street. This is an example of everyday information.

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