Types of Information: What is Technical Information?

Types of Information: What is Technical Information?

November 25, 2019 0 By Felso

Man makes and uses tools when changing nature. Here is the information needed to make the tool, technical knowledge. This type of knowledge takes its name   from the Greek  word tech techne (, which means  beceri skill “ .

Technical knowledge has gone through three stages in the historical process:

  1. Instrument technology,
  2. Machine technology,
  3. Automation technology.

Technical information is the information belonging to the field of concrete assets. The technique, as we have just mentioned, has developed in three stages in the historical process. The first of these is the  instrument technique . Especially in the beginning period, technical knowledge is based on daily knowledge. The tools made during this period increased the efficiency of manual labor. For example, the sickle cultivation made it easier to mow, while the wheelbarrow made it possible to transport the goods with little effort. The second stage is the  machine technique  stage. At this stage, manual labor was replaced by machines. Everything is done with machines, and man is the controlling element. Third stage,  automation technology It is the stage. At this stage everything has been automated, almost everything is done by machines. It is the duty of man to supervise and plan this process. Automation in today’s developed societies is purely a field of application of scientific knowledge. Therefore, science and technique are inextricably integrated. It is even an important measure of the level of development of societies.

Today, technical knowledge is based on reason and scientific thinking rather than on experiences and experiences. Technical creative is the product of the human mind. In a sense, it is the embodiment of theoretical knowledge. It is one of the common values ​​of humanity, ie it is universal.

The purpose is to change the nature in favor of human beings with the tools it produces and to keep people alive better; from time to time makes life difficult. The technique, even in the form of weapon technology aimed at directly destroying human beings, or with the many environmental problems it creates, causes even situations that threaten the future of humanity.

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