Types of Knowledge: What is Art?

Types of Knowledge: What is Art?

November 25, 2019 0 By Felso

Art is the creation and production of something that is not in nature. The aim of art production is not practical but  “beauty”  and  “aesthetic pleasure” .

While accessing the knowledge of art, in addition to the information actors such as reason and thinking, ties such as imagination and intuition are also used. Since the knowledge of art gives a wide place to dreams and dreams, it is not obligatory for art knowledge to conform to nature. Art does not necessarily aim to provide accurate information about objects.

Art knowledge is the product of the creative human mind. In this respect, it is a subjective and original product. Uniqueness is its most prominent feature. Even the same artist handles the same object with different attitude at different times and reaches different interpretations.

Art knowledge can be expressed in different means. This leads to the emergence of very different fields of art where the same themes are handled with different materials. There are many branches of art such as painting, music, sculpture, literature, cinema, architecture and theater.

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