Utopias: Campanella’s “Land of the Sun” Utopia

Utopias: Campanella’s “Land of the Sun” Utopia

June 29, 2021 Off By Felso

Tommaso Kampanella, 1568 – 1639), in his work called Land of the Sun, describes an order dominated by science and philosophy.

Those who will rule the state are those who are best trained in theory. At the head of the Land of the Sun is a ruler who is both a philosopher and a priest. People have neither their own homes nor their own children. Everything is collaborative. Private property is prohibited.

It is a state project that Campanella, the land of the sun, thinks will one day come true. In general terms, Campanella is the source of all evil and injustice in this book; He finds it in people’s thinking of no one but themselves, in sharing the world’s wealth as mine and yours. According to Campanella; As long as people are free from the concern of general interest, they do not think of anyone but themselves. Whereas; The purpose of people who are connected to each other in society should be the general good. Campanella in this book; believes that when we remove private interests, there will be nothing but the benefit of society and selfish behavior will eventually lead to a clash of social forces. For him, everything in the land of the Sun must serve the state and the general good. This is the basis of socialism.

In the land of the sun, there is a consciousness of solidarity and a desire to be useful to society. As a result, there is no private property in the sun country. Campanella believes that the land of the Sun may one day be realized, showing that the Romans and the priests of the early Christian times willingly fought for their homeland and community and shunned the idea of ​​possessions. In addition, working in the sun country has ceased to be a chore, it has become a pleasure. Idleness is a disgraceful thing.

In the sun country, besides the property partnership, there is also the women’s partnership. In the land of the sun, this female partnership is not only for the rulers, as in Plato, but for the whole society. The purpose of this partnership; It is to bind everyone tightly to each other by blood ties, to prevent jealousy and grudges. In addition, the basis of this is the importance that Campanella gives to the reproduction of the lineage and the education of children. But; It is believed that in the land of the sun this female partnership will one day be abandoned.

In the land of the sun, the supreme ruler is Hoh, a high priest. He is the head of both worldly affairs and the hereafter. His authority is absolute, his judgments are final, no one speaks to them. Hoh has three equals, Power, Reason, and Love. Power; He manages all affairs related to peace and war, that is, he is the highest authority in military affairs. The task of the mind is the management of the self-employed, of the scientists, of the educational work and of the schools. The duty of love is; reproductive work.

Also; In the city of the sun, all languages ​​are learned. Emissaries are sent all over the world; the customs, ways, laws and histories of various nations are learned. According to the people of the sun country, when a person has a house, a wife, and his own children, he has to worry about property. Selfishness arises from this, and so the Sunlanders have destroyed the purpose of selfishness and replaced it with a love of common life. According to them; patriotism increases to the extent that self-interest is given up.

The people of the sun city call each other brothers. Those who exceed twenty-two are called fathers, and those below this age are called sons. Pride; It is the most frightening of dozens of flaws. Anyone who is proud will face the harshest punishments. According to the people of the sun country, poverty degrades people, leads them to vagrancy, and reduces their love of country. If wealth; it leads people to pride, ignorance, arrogance, bragging, selfishness. However, in the land of the Sun, where everything is common, everyone is rich and poor at the same time. He is rich; because the city meets all its needs. He is poor; because nobody owns private property. The citizens of the sun do not become slaves to property, they only benefit from them.

According to the people of the sun country, if the religious are moving away from religion, they move away not because of the frequency of religious rules, but because they are hanging out with atheists, chasing glory, falling in love with property and skin desires.

The rule that the people of the sun countries follow in terms of food is as follows; They eat meat one day, fish the next, vegetables the next. On the fourth day, they return to flesh so that their stomachs do not get tired and the organism does not become weak. They reserve the most easily digestible foods for the elderly. But the majority eat two meals a day, and children eat four meals per doctor’s advice. In general, the people of the sun country live a century, there are those who live for two centuries.

In the land of the sun, some men with excessive sexual desires are allowed to sleep with women before a certain age, in order to prevent them from straying into unnatural ways. Only these women must be pregnant or infertile. Those caught committing sexual perversion are punished severely. This sentence can go up to death.

According to the sun country; The purpose of war is not to destroy the enemy, but to make it better. They fight mercilessly against the enemies of the state, religion and humanity. Defend the sun city army, all of them