What are the Benefits of Philosophy to People?

What are the Benefits of Philosophy to People?

December 21, 2019 0 By Felso

Philosophy can be a means to achieve happiness. As a matter of fact, not every person is pleased to have material wealth.

Some people enjoy contemplating, that is, thinking deeply, exploring the meaning of human life.

Even people unfamiliar with this pleasure accept that it is a very rich life in terms of quality. Thus, philosophy first of all gives man intellectual pleasure, spiritual pleasure. If we consider that man is not just a body, he is also a spiritual being, this situation becomes more clear. Human beings cannot achieve their purpose only by meeting their material needs; he must satisfy his spiritual needs. At the beginning of the spiritual needs of human beings, to curiosity, learning, understanding the universe and itself, there is a desire to make sense of life in this world. This desire can also be largely met by philosophy.

Indeed, philosophy has to be the only discipline that can respond to the human demand for an encompassing knowledge or comprehension. Human beings, who often acquire unrelated beliefs, information, preferences and actions from their own sources in the flow of life, systematize the scattered material in a consistent structure in order to develop a certain attitude towards life, the world and society, and to place this attitude on the basis of life. needs. This can only be achieved by a critical and questioning reflection on the elements of the material in question.

Philosophy, more importantly, allows us to know ourselves. This general truth was first and foremost shown by the ancient Greeks. In fact, the Greeks, who were the earliest people who used the word tanı Know yourself! Bulunan in almost every culture, wrote this word on the door of their temples. Indeed, one can only learn from philosophy or with the help of philosophy what and who it is. It may show us the best philosophy that we are not merely a pile of flesh and bones but also a spirit being.

We can learn from the philosophy that we come to the world not only to breathe or to enjoy, but also to fulfill our assignments to nature and others. Philosophy, first of all, addresses some basic questions about the meaning of our existence as a human being. It is of great benefit to each of us to think about these fundamental, great philosophical questions in terms of making sense of our existence. As a matter of fact, Socrates said that hayat an unexamined and unquestioned life is not worth living ”. So we need philosophy to lead a principled life. Because man is a wise being, unlike animals; therefore, it bases its life on a number of principles.

An unprincipled life, even an unquestioned existence, is an ordinary and unfounded existence; we need philosophy to ensure that our lives do not turn into such an unprincipled existence.

Philosophy again shows us what is in our hands and what is not in our brief lives in this world. Not only Socrates, but also Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980), one of the important thinkers of the twentieth century, said that it was not in our hands to change our factual conditions. I mean, if we’re born into this world, we can’t be. We did not have the right to choose our mother, father, geography we were born, the religion we belonged to, the nation or ethnic group to which we were a member. We did not have the right to choose our height, gender and other biological characteristics. All these things are given to us humans, which cannot be changed. But to improve our character and humanity, to work for a better and more virtuous person, is what we have.

We need philosophy to overcome the problems we face in the flow of life; we receive support from him in order to stand upright in the face of various events that may force us. As the Swiss psychologist and philosopher Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) said, kimse Nobody swims in the currents of life.

In one of his famous metaphors, Wittgenstein likened the human condition in this world to the status of a fly in a bottle, to show that philosophy is the most important tool to find our way. According to Wittgenstein, the fly trapped inside the bottle wants to get out of the bottle but doesn’t know how to do it. The main task of philosophy is to show the fly how to get out of the bottle. According to his analogy, we human beings are trapped in our lives on this earth from time to time, and we find it difficult to find our way. That is, philosophy allows us to get rid of the trapped feeling of human beings, helping us to find our way.

Philosophy, in the same direction, serves to eliminate our confusion. Because nowadays, many people writhe in troubles and worries because of some mental confusion. Indeed, people are increasingly confusing privileges with rights, objectivity, objectivity, need to demand, price value, and wealth. It is philosophy that will resolve this confusion and provide conceptual clarity. Because philosophy teaches people to think correctly and clearly on many issues. The methods of philosophical thought provide the basis for reasoning in almost every subject. Such a kind of thinking allows one to look at a problem in many ways and to approach problems without prejudice; she is, it makes sure that people cannot absolutize anything and pass everything through the filter of criticism. When all these things are put together, it can be said that philosophy contributes to human emancipation.

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