What are the Characteristics of Philosophical Thought?

What are the Characteristics of Philosophical Thought?

December 21, 2019 0 By Felso

Philosophical thought is a critical thought; in other words, it passes all kinds of materials that it treats as data to the filter of reason.

This material;

  • a)  may be provided to him by the area of ​​the asset to which he is directly directed;
  • b)  more often than not, there may be material provided by other intellectual activities relating to these areas of existence.

For example, the philosopher can think directly from nature, history, society from a critical point of view, as well as from his own experiments, the data material provided to him by various sciences in relation to these fields of existence. With this last feature, it is said that philosophy is knowledge or reflexive thought activity. Reflection means turning on itself. Here the mind turns to itself and reflects on the information it has. Both empirical life itself, the performance of any art, or the sciences give us a range of information. Philosophy is essentially the activity of thinking about this information, examining their basis and value, and investigating it.

Another feature of philosophical thought is that it uses concepts and abstractions that it shares in common with scientific thought and, with the help of these, introduces principles and laws. This can be called the generalizing or wanting feature of philosophy to reach common conclusions.

Source:  Professor Dr. Ahmet Arslan – Introduction to Philosophy