What are the Individual and Social Functions of Philosophy?

What are the Individual and Social Functions of Philosophy?

December 21, 2019 0 By Felso

There are different needs of people and different areas to meet these needs. Economy, technology, science, religion, arts, sports and so on. each of these areas exists to meet another human need. Philosophy, on the other hand, is an endeavor that was born towards the need to know.

The basic function of philosophy; reality, righteousness, and the most basic questions of what is right life. In addition to these basic questions, it is possible to find traces of philosophy in other areas that affect human life. Because philosophy enables mankind to establish unity through universal ideas and to keep people away from stereotypes with the continuation of existing ideas and the development of new ideas.

Knowledge, virtue and happiness, and truth, justice, goodness, beauty, peace and freedom are among the main problems of philosophy. In this way, philosophy is one of the main areas for human happiness, world peace and the formation of a democratic pluralist society. For example, thinkers like Locke (Lok) and Rousseau (Ruso) have been inspired by human rights and democracies, Kant’s idea of ​​”eternal peace” and the United Nations Organization and the European Union.

Today’s societies are called “information societies gelişme and development is mostly attributed to critical and original-creative thinking. Science and philosophy constitute the conditions for being an toplum information society,, being able to adapt to industry and inventions, and to be among advanced science and industrial societies capable of further innovation and innovation.

People have made constant efforts to understand and make life livable. Together with philosophy, these efforts have led to expectations especially from science, art, religion and politics. More information and practical solutions require philosophical thinking. A new subject that can be researched in science, a different expression of an emotion in art can be gained with philosophy.

Perhaps the most important benefit of philosophy is that it gives people some opportunities to hold their life as a conscious being in their own hands. The individual who thinks through philosophy is a multi-faceted and able to think in detail. The peace, prosperity and happiness of such societies increase and the horizon is widened. The individual and social functions of philosophy can be listed as follows.

Benefits of Philosophy to Individuals

  • To recognize himself
  • Be open to different ideas
  • Abstain from prejudice
  • Create new ideas
  • Ability to think freely
  • Gaining a versatile perspective
  • To be a conscious person
  • How people can shape their own lives
  • To be able to analyze cases and events through reason

The Benefits of Philosophy to Society

  • The formation of a common culture
  • Coexistence of different communities
  • Elimination of prejudices of social groups about each other
  • Having an information society
  • Creating a society where people can express themselves freely
  • Development of sciences
  • Democracy-conscious society
  • Planning the future of societies
  • Being a society that values ​​mind and will

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