What Are the Problems of Democracy?

What Are the Problems of Democracy?

June 28, 2021 Off By Felso

In the previous part of our unit, we tried to show that democracy has positive aspects that protect and develop human rights and freedoms, as well as negative aspects that restrict these rights and freedoms from time to time.

In this part of our unit, we will consider various problems related to democracy under three main headings. These titles point to the main problems that still occupy the societies governed by democracy today, and it is worth remembering that the majority of the discussions on the problems briefly mentioned here are on a philosophical level.

Democracy has some negative aspects as well as positive aspects in terms of life in society, especially in terms of the rights of minority individuals. For example, when a certain minority in the society thinks differently from the majority on an important issue concerning the future of the society, it is almost impossible to put this idea into practice; because in democracy, the decisions of the majority of the people are observed and tried to be implemented. This creates a directional perception among minorities that they are not subject to equal treatment, despite all the legal guarantees that protect minority rights. Another negative aspect of democracy is that it values ​​the opinions of all individuals in the society equally. Taking everyone’s opinion into account as equally important and valuable brings about equating ignorant/informed people with intellectuals/informed people. To equate the ignorant with the knowledgeable makes it difficult to make the right and healthy decisions for the future of the society. In fact, these two negative traits are interrelated. In fact, they often appear together.

Subject Headings

– Restriction of individual rights and freedoms

– The dictatorship of the majority and the problem of justice in representation

– The place of anti-democratic organizations in democracy