What Are the Qualities of Beauty?

What Are the Qualities of Beauty?

June 29, 2021 Off By Felso

Beauty has objective and subjective qualities. subjective qualities; It varies from person to person, societies and centuries. Objective qualities are divided into internal and external.

1. Intrinsic Qualities of Beauty:

– The beauty of a work increases as it reflects the idea it represents. A beautiful thing is something that conforms to its idea, essence, concept.

– The beautiful work must fit the type of thing it represents as a whole.

– For something to be beautiful, it must be lively and expressive.

2. External (Formal) Qualities of Beauty:

– Proportion and symmetry: Beautiful is the proportional combination of elements. A disproportionate thing cannot be beautiful. Symmetry is a measure-based order between the parts of a beautiful whole.

– Harmony: For all beauties, it is important that the parts come together harmoniously. If there is no harmony, there will be no beauty, not the whole.