What are the topics of philosophy?

What are the topics of philosophy?

December 21, 2019 0 By Felso

The issues and problems discussed in philosophy depend on the questions asked and the answers given to them.

We can say that there have been three main issues of philosophy since the First Age unchanged. These are:  What is the entity that deals with being as a whole?  the philosophy of being seeking the answer to the question; What is the source and value of the information that is the subject of the  information?  is the philosophy of knowledge that seeks the answer to the question and examines the basic virtues of man’s life and  what is good?  is the philosophy of value seeking the answer to the question. Apart from these, different subjects and sub-branches have been formed according to the ages, historical and social conditions.

The subjects and sub-branches of philosophy can be listed as follows:

– What is the source of power? (political philosophy)
– What is beauty? ( philosophy of art )
– What is religion ? (philosophy of religion)
– What is science? (philosophy of science)
– Is the right information possible? (philosophy of knowledge)
– Can we talk about the existence of anything? (philosophy of being)
– Is the soul immortal? (metaphysics)
– Are there universal moral codes? (moral philosophy)

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