What Does the Generality of Contradictions Mean?

What Does the Generality of Contradictions Mean?

July 1, 2021 Off By Felso

Continuity of contradictions and their presence in all phenomena in the universe.

The term generality of contradictions is used in two senses:

1. All occurrences in the universe occur through contradiction,
2. The continuity of Contradiction in every development process…

Contradiction; It is the developing power of all natural, social and conscious formations. Wherever and what kind of life there is, there are always contradictions. “As soon as the conflict is over, life ends and death begins”. This expresses the generality of universal scope contradictions. Moreover, in every conflict process, ‘unity’ is temporary, while contradiction is permanent and fundamental. As Engels said, “Movement means contradiction”. Since there is no inert matter and motion without matter, this scope of continuity also expresses the generality of contradictions. Innumerable contradictions coalesce even in formations seen as the most stagnant unity. The expression ‘generality of contradictions’ is synonymous with ‘universality of contradictions’ and ‘absoluteness of contradictions’.

Every particular contradiction carries with it its absoluteness for the above reasons. The (general-universal-absolute) and (special-specific-relative) of contradictions also contradict each other.