What is a Philosophical Essay, How to Write a Philosophical Essay?

What is a Philosophical Essay, How to Write a Philosophical Essay?

June 26, 2021 Off By Felso

The most organized way to develop an idea or argument is to write. Writing also provides permanent expression of thought. The thought formed on a subject is expressed in various ways. Essays are one of these types. An example of this type is philosophical essay writing.

In essays, the opinion on the subject is presented freely and also written in different ways according to the fields. This is a matter of the nature of the fields themselves. There are features that distinguish one of them, the philosophical essay, from the others. philosophical essay; follows an inquiring, consistent and systematic way. The arguments put forward are grounded and logically convincing.

In philosophical essays, new meanings can be attributed to the concepts other than their known meanings, but these meanings should be explained in the text. This is important for the philosophical essayist to prove his point or views logically. In this respect, it should not be confused with literary essays. In literary essays, the author can use the concepts metaphorically and does not have to prove his point of view.

First of all, the main problem of the essay to be written about the subject discussed in philosophical essays is introduced.
The solution to the problem is briefly explained
The aim of the experiment is clearly stated.
The purpose of the essay is stated as clearly as possible.
The main problem to be addressed is analyzed
The main problem is illustrated with its conceptual foundations.
The views put forward by others on the main problem are also evaluated by specifying their strengths and weaknesses.
Not every philosophical essay has to have a conclusion.
If the essayist is going to propose a solution proposal, this proposal is based on the analysis and evaluations made.
The article ends with the analysis and critical evaluation of the problem.
It is necessary to prepare for the writing phase of the philosophical essay. You should read about the problem you are going to tackle and take notes on their opinions. This is important in terms of creating content for the article.
You should define the step-by-step framework of the stages of the argument you will put forward and create a draft article. This is important to create the flow of the article.
Tell others about your draft and discuss it with them. This is important for determining the strengths and weaknesses of your argument.
Solidify the foundations of your argument by deepening your research on your draft paper. This is important in terms of determining the fiction of your writing and increasing its power.
Think long and hard about all the details of your draft and make the necessary adjustments. This is important for the maturation of your thoughts.
Attention should be paid to the relevance and logical consistency of the opinions and evidences stated in the article. This is important so that your argument is not easily disproved by others.
You should be careful that there are no mistakes in the writing in terms of grammar. You should use plain language and avoid repetitive sentences. This is important for the understanding of the article.

Philosophy Olympiad is organized by the Turkish Philosophy Institution in December of each year for secondary school students in Turkey. In this competition, students write a philosophical essay based on text excerpts on predetermined topics. Ranking students gain the right to represent their country in the World Philosophy Olympics held in May of that year.

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