What is a Social Event? What is a Social Phenomenon?

What is a Social Event? What is a Social Phenomenon?

July 2, 2021 Off By Felso

The terms social phenomenon and social phenomenon are the subjects of sociology that are often mentioned together. Sociology is a science that studies both concrete social problems and makes general theoretical research and conceptualizations. It expresses the new situation or changes occurring in the society with two concepts, namely “social event” and “social phenomenon”, corresponding to these two aspects.

Sociology is the branch of science that systematically deals with social relations, social groups, organizations, institutions and the relations between these institutions, the processes of change and development in the social structure, social events and phenomena in the context of cause-effect relationship, with a holistic perspective with various aspects.

So, sociology reaches scientific information about society by examining social events and phenomena, makes connections between them and makes generalizations. For this reason, social events and phenomena are an important field of study for sociology in the scientific study of society.

What is a Social Event?

Social events are individual changes in social life that occur as a result of social relations.

Every social event has a specific place, time and agent. For example; The “French Revolution of 1789” is a social event. However, in order for an event to be of interest to sociology, it must acquire a quality that will affect the general public. They are individual formations and changes that occur in a certain place and concern more than one person in a process with definite starting and ending points.

French Revolution

For example, the War of Independence, the 1999 Marmara earthquake, and the treacherous coup attempt on July 15 are social events.

The cause of a social event is yet another social event, and a social event can only be explained by another social event. For example, the industrialization of Turkey and the emergence of urbanization in parallel with it reveal different but interconnected and closely related developments in terms of periods.

Social events arise from the coexistence of people.

What is a Social Phenomenon?

It is an abstract concept derived from the continuity of events of the same type.

Social phenomenon does not have a specific place, time and doer. The place, beginning and end time of the social phenomenon are not clear. It refers to a situation that can happen anytime and anywhere. For example; “Revolution” is a social phenomenon. It is the general expression of social events that occur one by one.

It is not specific to a single society or individual, but specific to all societies or individuals. It is a social formation and change that occurs in a process with uncertain beginning and end points. For example, marriage, unemployment and migration are social phenomena.

A social phenomenon is a general change seen in all societies.

Prepared by: Sociologist Ömer Yıldırım