What is Academy?

What is Academy?

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Institution of science, literature and art.

1. Antiquity: It is the school of Plato. It took this name because it was founded in the garden of Akademos, and later named all high-authority science and art institutions. BC It was founded in Athens in 387. In time, Plato’s teaching was also called by this name. It has gone through three phases: old, middle and new Academy. BUSINESS. It became the center of Neoplatonism in the 5th century, and was closed in 529 by the Roman emperor Justinian. The middle and new Academies sought to reconcile Platonism with skepticism and probabilism.

2. Renaissance: After the second half of the 15th century, various academies began to be established in Italy. The most important of these is the Platonic academy of Marsilius Ficinius, founded in Florence. This academy has tried to reconcile Platonism with Aristotelianism for nearly a century. Alde Manuce in Venice, Pomponius Laetus in Rome, etc. Academies of this nature were established by However, these academies also began to deal with non-philosophical teachings and arts. For example, the academy of Laetus aimed at archaeological research, and the academy of Arcadia conducted poetry studies.

3. New Age: Scientific and artistic academies have spread all over Europe. With these institutions, the term academy gained the meaning of science and art institution, apart from Plato’s teaching. The most famous and first of these new academies is the poetry and music academy in France, which was established in 1570 by the order of King Charles 11. The famous French Academy (Fr. Academie Française) was established by order of Prime Minister Cardinal Richeliu. The number of members of this academy, which aims to give a national direction to all branches of science and art and to encourage scientists and artists with various gifts and competitions, is limited to forty members.