What is Alienation?

What is Alienation?

July 1, 2021 Off By Felso

It is a concept that expresses the feeling of alienation or separation from one’s environment, work, product of labor or self. This concept, which is widely used in the analysis of contemporary life, has different meanings.

1) Weakness: A person’s thinking that his future is determined not by himself, but by external factors, destiny, luck or institutions.

2) Meaninglessness: The thought that the activity in any field does not have intelligibility or a consistent meaning, or that life in general is purposeless.

3) Irregularity: The absence of a sense of commitment to the rules of behavior adopted by the society, and therefore the spread of behavioral deviations, insecurity, and unlimited individual competition.

4) Cultural Expansion: The sense of detachment from the established values ​​in the society.

5) Isolation from Society: The feeling of being excluded from social relations or being alone.

6) Alienation from Oneself: Man’s inability to grasp his own reality in one way or another

Karl Marx used the term in its best known sense. According to Marx, this concept refers to the process by which human products become opposing forces that subjugate man and, as a result, transform man into non-human. In the historical process, man has not been able to develop social development in a way that develops his human essence, due to the fact that he could not acquire the knowledge of historical and social laws and dominate them.

It was impossible to consciously and humanely manage social development without being conscious of social laws. As a result of this ignorance, it has always produced foreign, in other words, inhuman products in the historical process. Therefore, although man has constantly enriched his material and spiritual world, he has impoverished himself materially and spiritually. As a result, man has become alienated from himself and turned into a non-human.