What is Archimedes’ Principle?

What is Archimedes’ Principle?

June 26, 2021 Off By Felso

Archimedes’ principle, a solid object in a liquid is pushed up by a force equal to the weight of the liquid it displaces. In a famous experiment, Archimedes suggested that the amount of water that a gold crown and a gold bar of the same mass should overflow should be the same, and when he did not say what he said, he understood whether the crown was gold or not.

The buoyancy of water has been clarified by a principle realized and put forward by Archimedes. Water pushes objects with a density less than its own density towards the surface. The object starts to float with the effect of the repulsive force arising from the density differences. Here, although the sample is taken as water, since it is in the field of ship and marine engineering, this principle is also the general rule for liquids.

Density comparison can be done simply as follows: Fill a container until it overflows. Of course, first put that container in another container that is larger than it. Then throw any objects that may float into the container. If available, measure the volume of the overflow water accumulating in the large container with a scale (also a washing machine powder measure or a water jug ​​with scale) and its weight with a scale. Then divide the weight by the volume using a division operation. That number you find roughly gives the density of that object. If this number is less than one, the grass you put in the container is now floating in the water. If it’s bigger than one, it’s submerged in water. As can be understood, it is thought that we use drinking water and the density of drinking water is 1.

In fact, this natural phenomenon reveals how swimming takes place. Archimedes did this experiment by tying two gold pieces of the same size to both arms of the scale and immersing one of them in water. With the method he discovered above, he claimed and proved that if both golds are real, their densities will remain the same, and if one of them is gold composed of different mixtures, it will emerge with a density difference.

Places Where This Law Is Used

– Archimedes principle, in finding the own weight of objects,
– In float systems,
– In marine vehicles,
– Used in diving.

Even ships of great mass and size float on water thanks to the Archimedes principle. All these examples show us that liquids have a buoyant force. The areas where this lifting force is used are quite large.

The buoyancy of water is currently used for the needs of people for food, even for touristic activities:

Dam lakes in some regions are rich in fish. Since the boat is made by using the buoyancy force, some fishermen using the boat resort to this way both to make a living and to meet the food needs of people. In the same way, rafting is another sport that is made by using the lifting force. Every year, thousands of tourists come to our country and are interested in this sport. Tourists’ interests on this subject are not limited to this. Jet-Ski, Surfing and Sailing, which are common sports today, have become the focus of attention of tourists.

Another area where buoyancy is used is transportation. Since Cyprus is an island, a waterway is used for trips there. Even in Keban Lake in our country, transportation takes place by boat or raft to go between the two villages. Every day, thousands of students from Istanbul prefer the sea route because it is cheap and comfortable (although there is a bridge) in order to reach the Anatolian and European sides and reach their schools.

For countries whose lands are located on the coast, water and waterways are of great importance in terms of defense. International security is ensured by constructing warships of thousands of tons that can stand on water with buoyancy.

During the time of the Ottoman Empire, many states wanted to sail to the warm seas and trade. For this, they used the waterway, so they benefited from the buoyancy of the water. In this way, they wanted to become the leading countries of the world by developing their trade. Many states have benefited from the lifting force that Archimedes found, perhaps without knowing this principle.

As a result; If we were not aware of such a property of water, life would perhaps be very difficult for us. Let’s not forget that if we are swimming and traveling in the sea right now, it was thanks to Archimedes. That’s why we should appreciate this scientist and try to improve him by using his principle in the best way.